Children’s Grief and Homelessness in the Pandemic and Beyond

SHC: Thinking back on your work as a McKinney-Vento liaison for Miami-Dade Public Schools, how did issues of grief and grieving show up among students experiencing homelessness? What kinds of situations did you see?

SHC: How did grief and grieving impact students’ access/success in school?

SHC: In your new role, how is homelessness coming up as an issue among Miami’s children and youth who are in need of bereavement services?

SHC: What is grief-informed and grief-sensitive education/services, and why are they important, especially now, and especially for children and youth who face the trauma and barriers of homelessness?

SHC: How can bereavement services be an additional and vital resource for homeless liaisons?

SHC: How could liaisons pursue these services/education?

SHC: What does CBC offer, and what is the best way for liaisons to get in touch?



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