2020: What We Accomplished, Together

Recently, SchoolHouse Connection published our 2020 Year-in-Review — a collection of the year’s highlights and top resources — accomplished in collaboration with our many incredible partners and youth scholars, who have helped shape our advocacy and support of children, youth, and families experiencing homelessness during an unprecedented year of challenges. The Year in Review spans federal and state policy accomplishments, notable media moments, youth leadership and voices, and more — as well as the most popular webinars, resources, guest blog posts, newsletters, and research.

Read a message from the SchoolHouse Connection team below, and check out the full Year-in-Review.

As 2020 comes to a close, we pause, and take a breath.

We recognize that the year’s traumas — COVID-19, the economic crisis, systemic racism, and the deep political divisions that tear at the fabric of our nation — are ongoing, and won’t end with the calendar year. But we also believe it is important to take strength and build resolve from what we have been able to accomplish, collectively, in this most difficult of years.

In this spirit, we offer our annual Year in Review/Accomplishments. We hope you’ll be reminded of what can be done — together — even in the face of overwhelming challenges; discover useful resources you may have missed; and find hope in our common cause of overcoming homelessness through education.

With gratitude to our funders, our SHC family, and you: your support means the world to us, and we thank you for your partnership. Together with you, we will continue to support children, youth, and families through this crisis and work to break generational cycles of homelessness through the power of education.

Your SchoolHouse Connection Team

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